One Planet Healing ~ 6 Hours in 6 Weeks


6 hours in 6 weeks

Face-to-Face or Skype available.

“I have never had a shift like this before. I am finally living as the being I know I am, as the being I knew I was under all the layers, patterns and reactions.”

Client Feedback

Sometimes, when we are new to healing, we need a gently unfolding format that helps us feel safe. A slower step-by-step process to healing can be the perfect way to help us build trust.

Trust in the process – Trust in the practitioner – Trust in ourselves

This is why our “6 Hours in 6 Weeks”  package was created. It gives much needed space and time for newcomers to integrate and make sense of the healing journey… The price shown is per session, and the commitment you enter into is for six weeks. You can pay in full now , or pay as you go…  in which case just drop us a message through our contact page so we can arrange …whichever method works best for you is perfect.