Empath Response Day


A day of energy management for Empaths & Sensitives

29th April Saturday 2017
10am – 4.30pm
Bring Lunch to Share
At the Lammas Hub ~ You’ll receive a welcome email to confirm your booking.

This inspiring and informative day for Empaths & Sensitives, will begin to give you clear and efficient tools to help reinforce your boundaries and your energy field, and help you spot when you are merging or picking up on energy around you so you are able to come back to your centre.
The day will involve working with the Auric field, with the ‘fibres’ of your body and with visualisation and movement techniques. There will be discussion aspects and the group will be respectfully and safely held.
This course will begin the process of developing your Awareness in the energetic realm and will require you to practice and master the techniques in your own time.
ChaNan Bonser is a medicine woman, healer, teacher and mentor who has a thriving clinical practice. She is qualified in Plant Spirit Medicine, Womb Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and teaches Energy Medicine, Creative Kinesiology and natural fertility methods. She works both at home and abroad with the Beauty Way Medicine wheel teachings and roots all her work in empowering people to find their own healing centre.