Elemental Sisters Retreat


Date: Saturday 29 – Sunday 30 October 2022 [Online]
Start: 4pm – 9pm (with an hour break at 6pm)
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A Warm Welcome
to this two day ONLINE sisters retreat
with Imo & Hoppi

Join us as we deep dive into the elements that make ALL life thrive.

Air – exploring the power of breath and the relationship with our thinking mind
Water – diving into a healthy flow with our emotional being to cleanse, purify and come into peace.
Fire – Connecting with our Sacred Power, creativity, inspiration, passion and love
Earth – Grounding into our physical bodies with healthy boundaries by connecting to our Mother Earth

This retreat is perfect for you if :-

  • You long for authentic connection
  • You want to belong to a tribe of Sacred Sisters
  • You are willing to explore brand new natural ways to heal
  • You want to deepen your connection to your Self
  • You are ready to express and experiment with creativity
  • You want to contribute to world full of empowered Women

As women, we hold such a strong mirror to ALL aspects of our Being. From the nurturing love we embody to the dark and furious fire we hold within. Join us for this weekend Sisters Retreat “ELEMENTAL” where we will weave Sacred Magic. Where we come together to transmute our pain. We come together to understand the lessons we’re learning. We come together to celebrate the joys of our unique life together in community.

To create and weave is our birth right! To feel everything unconditionally. To sing, to dance, to move and express with no edges. Empowering & welcoming each other for the Divine beings we are.

We look forward to gathering with you all.

Date: Saturday 29 – Sunday 30 October 2022
Start 4pm – 9pm (with an hour break at 6pm)

Retreat Requirement
You must have good internet access.

Imogen Townley spent a decade working in reality TV & Radio. After a huge awakening in 2018, Imogen left behind all she knew and went on the road in search for a more wholesome, enriched, healthy & purposeful life. Going through a powerful re-wilding process, connecting back to the earth, she has learnt how to live in symbiosis with the land, treading more carefully and consciously with our Mother Earth. She has spent the last few years connecting with communities across the country learning, growing and re-membering the ways in which we once lived. These relationships and experiences have given rise to Imogen’s beautiful music and journey with sacred sound which she now shares with the world.

Hoppi Wimbush is a Medicine Woman and has been helping people heal for nearly three decades. She works with Creativity, Nature, Sound Vibration, Sacred Music, Ceremony and Profound Healing Plants. After co-creating the world renowned Lammas Eco-village in 2009, she founded the Lammas Earth Centre with her life partner Tao. Hoppi has been living a life of real balance and deep harmony with Mother Nature for over a decade and through this journey, she has birthed her Natural Shamanism Practitioner Training and her Sound Healer Practitioner Training. Hoppi runs healing Retreats & Ceremonies and is a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and author.

Both Imo and Hoppi are dedicated to supporting Sisters in rising to BE
empowered, grounded, passionate,
and beautifully aligned
with their Souls