Natural Shamanism Practitioners Training


The Element of Water       21 & 22 March 2020
The Element of Fire           20 & 21 June 2020
The Element of Air           19 & 20 September 2020
The Element of Earth       12 & 13 December 2020


This Natural Shamanism Journey may be taken as singular modules or as an entire Self Development adventure..
Each Retreat focuses on a different element and we travel deeply into the essence of each element
shamanically to explore, expand, embody and surrender to the beauty of Divine Will.

These retreats is not for the faint of heart. They are for people who are seriously wanting to develop their spirit and soul shamanically…  Every retreat will be held in the safest embrace of Sacred Ceremony to ensure each participant is seen, valued, supported to go beyond self imposed limits and to really truly heal and grow.

The Element of Water
This is a deep exploration into the power of Water…Water as the conduit for life. Water holds memory, Water carries us in the womb, water that makes up 75% of our physical body, water that IS life on Earth. Water is Sacred. Within ourselves, water is our emotional body and how well we flow, or stagnate, freeze or boil. to allow our water element to come into balance, we sometimes need to open the floodgates and allow a flow…We will be exploring and healing our water element, bringing this beautiful crystal, clear, pure element into balance within. We will be dancing water, praying water, sanctifying water, thanking water, singing water,drinking water and embodying the beautiful flowing awareness that water brings. Water is the teacher.

The Element of Fire
The Sun provides all warmth, light and energy for life to thrive on Earth. The Sun is a ball of fire in the Heavens, Fire is a mystery, it can’t be touched, but it can clearly be felt. Fire is used to this day as a gateway to Spirit, to God, to the Sacred and is central to every spiritual path on Earth as a gateway to the Divine. This retreat will explore your inner Fire, your relationship with the Sacred, with your love, your passion, your inner ignition and creativity. We will be exploring Fire at the deepest level and coming to an inner place of deep relationship.

The Element of Air
The air we breath is the same air as every enlightened Being that has ever incarnated on this planet. Air circulates and moves cold air to warm and warm air to cold, air flows whisper through the trees and invoke a clear, blowing away of cobwebs… We’ll be working with the element of air and breath to drop into deep communion with how essential air is for life. we’ll be feeling the energy and lifeforce in breath aswell as studying and being with the clouds, the sky and the wind.

The Element of Earth
The Earth on which we stand is our foundation. It is the grounding and boundary of this physical existence. The earth provides all our food, all our timber for shelter, all our sustenance. The earth element teaches us about manifestation and nurturing dreams from inner planes to external planes of materialisation. We will become masters of design and co-creating a truly aligned life.