Natural Shamanism One Day Immersion


£45 per person
11am – 5pm
In this exciting One Day of Natural Shamanism… we’ll explore through direct experience ways of working shamanically with the highest and best Intentions:- for healing, for restoring natural balance and for bringing right and true relationship with all of life.
We’ll begin the day with delving into the history of Shamanism, this oldest of spiritual paths on earth today.
First and foremost we’ll get to grips with the power of Intention. The power this has t shape our world, and how vital it is to have clean, clear, heart-centred intent for all Shamanic work. This forms the basis for Everything.
We’ll gain a really indepth understanding of the importance of Sacred shamanic Tools and how to work safely and effectively to ensure the most powerful and complete healing.
We’ll study the value of Sacred Ceremony and how to create
ceremonies for specific healing purposes. We’ll co-create a ceremony to suit the collective needs of the group.
We’ll experience the beauty and Grace of shamanic journeying, enter an altered brain wave state and connect with our power animal. We’ll begin to cultivate a healthy, vibrant, safe inner relationship so you can begin to navigate the inner realms with your animal guide.
We’ll delve into the power of music, song and vibration to set the tone for powerful shamanic dance work.
This day is very full and incorporates lots of direct experience exercises and there will be inevitable healing shifts. Please be sure you are open to healing happening, and are willing to engage with all parts of the day before booking.