Singing the Sacred – One Day


For absolutely Beginners and experienced singers alike… this extraordinary day will help you find your voice in brand new creative and exciting ways…
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10am – 4.00pm

2nd February       Health Conscious Llantwit Major
14th March           Yurt In the City Cardiff
28th March          Nurture Centre Carmarthen
9th May                 Lammas Earth Centre
21st November     Nurture Centre Carmarthen

For absolutely Beginners and experienced singers alike… this extraordinary day will help you find your voice in brand new creative and exciting ways. We’ll begin by playing vocally to loosen up and grow in confident expression… to break through inhibitions… we’ll also feel the importance of sound as a resonance within the body to heal, balance and align within…
Then we’ll explore a range of songs from around the world… BUT here’s the fundamental difference to other workshops…, once we’ve learned a song and the melody and words are in your bones, you’ll be welcomed to create and weave your own sweet harmonies with everyone else… a true exploration in your own natural sound… all frequencies are welcome… even dissonance is important for a collective shift in energy…. this gives a tremendous amount of freedom… and then we drop into jamming space together with the chant, plucking out words and musical phrases to weave our own unique mandala of sound as a group…No right or wrong… and then, gently, gradually, we’ll drop into oceanic breathing…and breath as One before a new chant arises and we journey again… This is SUCH a liberating practice that blows peoples minds… the simplicity and freedom that ensues, and of course… people feel “washed with sound” after…

What people are saying

Singing with Hoppi is like a hug from your mum when you’re sad, like a deep breath by the ocean when for just a moment, you forget all your stresses, like an unconditionally loving cat purring on your lap. It’s bliss, it’s essential, it makes you feel part of something bigger, more beautiful than just yourself and when it’s happening you feel that maybe just maybe we have a chance to heal not only
ourselves but our magnificent sacred home.
Claire Ferguson Walker, Stand-up Comedian

Whatever is going on in my life and whatever difficulties I am carrying, when I sing with Hoppi, I feel totally accepted for where I am at. The atmosphere that Hoppi creates allows people to open up and express themselves and connect to each other through singing. I find all my troubles melt away in a profound sense of unity and I am able to express my deep gratitude for life, the earth and spirit
through the beautiful mantras and songs that Hoppi brings. I always leave feeling lighter, freer and with more joy in my heart. Thank-you.
Claire Quinn, Counsellor & Therapist

Singing with Hoppi totally brings out my playful, joyful self that’s mostly hidden! I get really high on the chakra chanting and singing such beautiful healing songs that raise your vibrations in such trying and testing times. Afterwards I can’t stop singing away… Having access to Hoppi’s singing so close to home is a blessing indeed and am very grateful to her for waking up our soulful
singing selves, making me laugh, it just bubbles up as release, so needed!
Shanna Mandira, Artist